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Remy Martin XO 70cl

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Remy Martin



Fine Champagne Cognac 85% Grande Champagne, 15% Petite Champagne. Remy Martin XO Excellence, the Best of XO, stands out for its texture, complexity and richness, with more smoothness and perfect balance. This superb cognac is for those who demand and enjoy the best in life. Intense, complex, gently spiced, ripe plum nose with attractive hints of dried orange peel. Solid, dry, harmonious, well structured, very slightly spiced, caramel tinged, tangy, ripe plum flavours with a lingering, slightly peppery finish. To vary the pleasure and savour its unique aromas and richness, try it neat, on the rocks or with fine foods; foie gras, chocolate desserts, sweet steamed dumplings.

Brand Info

They call it ' The House That Has Three Centuries of Creating The Finest Cognac'. The House of Rémy Martin was founded in 1724 in the lands of Charente, a small French terroir. It was on these very fine lands that the signature blend of Grande and Petite Champagne were first made. Keeping time as their main importance, the grapes grow into perfection in quality vineyards filled with pale and chalky soil, along with the process of cultivation that takes tremendous patience and devotion. The Rémy Martin XO is the true excellence of Cognac Fine Champagne. Known as the signature of the House of Rémy Martin, the XO displays a wide spectrum of flavours of the late summer fruit and rich white flower notes. At first sip, you will experience the mature flavours of juicy plums and candied oranges, bringing you into hints of hazelnuts and cinnamon. STYLE: Cognac, ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV): 40%
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