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Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 70cl

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Mount Gay


Brilliant golden amber in colour, Eclipse bears a luxuriously complex aroma whose rich, seamless harmony is interwoven with distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla and a subtle smokiness imparted by the Kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is patiently aged.

Brand Info

Back in 1703, the beautiful Caribbean Islands of Barbados bore the legend of the Mount Gay Rum. Their thirst for good alcohol led to the discovery of such a fine spirit. Sir John Gay was known to be a respected leader and businessman working towards the properity of the island. He assisted a friend who had inherited an unknown distillery and quickly learnt how to make rum. It was indeedm Sir John Gay who refined the process of distillation to produce a more refined and fine rum-Mount Gay. Mount Gay Rum is the result of 310 years of knowledge, experiment and refinement. Each flavour is made of natural ingredients from Barbados. Mount Gay Eclispse is defined by the character, body and aroma perfected by Master Blender Allen Smith. A brilliant golden amber, this rum posesses a luxuriously complex aroma of floral and fruits notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla. STYLE: Rum, ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV): 40%
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